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Product Image The Smallfry Keyboard Kit

The Smallfry Keyboard Kit

$ 159.00

UPDATE https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=59203.msg1706315#msg1706315


We have exciting news for you today.


Let's not mince words. The Smallfry Keyboard Kit is horrendously late. The complexity of the kit, number of customers, and vagaries of manufacturing have destroyed the original lead time estimates, and all semblance of the original budget.

In less depressing news, Input Club, the keyboard cartel consisting of our own superstars HaaTa, Parak and Over^Kill have been expanding their line of keyboard kits driven by the the Input Club Infinity programmable keyboard controller. The Infinity controller is a brand new design powered by a 32-bit ARM microprocessor and is fully programmable via a convenient web tool or command line. Further, the Infinity controller footprint is small enough to be integrated directly onto keyboard PCBs _without_ a separate Teensy or Arduino-based controller board.

Input Club has been redesigning the most popular keyboard kits with the Infinity controller, starting with the 60% Infinity, and now the Infinity Ergodox, both distributed by Massdrop.com.


Input Club has been developing a new 40% keyboard based on the JD40 layout made famous by jdcarpe. The Infinity JD40 will feature the Infinity keyboard controller and new PCB layout. The Infinity JD40 will add a metric tonne of gee whiz features over the old JD40 PCB and further, construction of the board is made substantially easier by the removal of the separate teensy. This new Infinity JD40 is also going to be distributed byMassdrop.com.


Yes! You heard me right. Massdrop.com will be providing every member of the Smallfry Keyboard Kit group buy with an Infinity JD40 PCB! In addition to providing a brand new, cutting edge PCB, our own Andrew "Kash" Lekashman of Massdrop.com will be personally helping to fulfill every Smallfry Keyboard Kit order. That, my friends, is true keyboard dedication.

WHY is this Infinity JD40 PCB so great?

To recap, the JD40Club PCB will use the same fully programmable, integrated 32-bit controller as the Infinity 60% keyboard kit and the Infinity Ergodox keyboard kit, but in a 40% form factor. For those that remember the Sega Saturn, original Playstation, and every Nintendo console of the 1990s, this keyboard is more powerful. What's that I hear? Yes, that is the exciting march of perpetual progress.


Development of the Infinity JD40 has made great progress. However, development is ongoing. Development is currently at the late design to early prototype phase. Massdrop.com and Input Club will be providing updates and sneak peaks as development progresses. Massdrop.com plans on releasing their the Infinity JD40 Kit, which will include a vastly different case design, in late June, which will put final Smallfry Kit delivery at in the June to July timeframe. The PCB used in the Infinity 40% will be the same as the one everyone in the Smallfry Keyboard Kit will be receiving, and to save money all of the PCB’s will be made in the same run.


The Smallfry Keyboard Kit is receiving a free upgrade as Input Club and Massdrop have designed a new PCB for all Smallfry Kit GB members. mkawa@geekhackers will still providing all Smallfry Kit components EXCEPT for the PCB. Further, Massdrop.com will just be leveraging its logistics team and buying scale to help out in the way where we can have the greatest impact.

We are in the beginning stages of this process, and as such, Andrew@massdrop, folks@Input Club and mkawa@geekhackers will be updating the thread as development proceeds with sign-up instructions, prototype media and other details. Stay tuned!

You can find information about the Infinity 60% keyboard at https://www.massdrop.com/buy/infinity-keyboard-kit and https://www.massdrop.com/buy/infinity-ergodox. Further, the Infinity keyboard configurator will be updated to support the new Infinity JD40 PCB when it arrives.



ATTN: this product has hit an number of snags and some of the needed manufacturing work has been halted for the holidays. the quick summary is that all switch plates for this product listing have been cut, but the coloring plan has changed to painting with either powdercoating or a ceramic-based paint, depending on the color, and that process is waiting until the end of the holidays to proceed. finally, the gasket material needed to be respec'd from the original design and again, production has been halted for the holidays. for the newest information, please follow the geekhack thread at: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=59203.new#new


jdcarpe's 40% keyboard design with titanium top and bottom plates and a sorbothane gasket between the two. The kit will come with PCB, top and bottom titanium plates (without notches for switch removal), all necessary fasteners (machine screws and spacers) and small rubber bumpons for placing the keyboard at an angle.


100% of profits from this project will be donated to the Nathan J Walter foundation, a scholarship trust set up by the family of Nathan Walter aka Smallfry to support eagle scout community service projects. The first such project was a set of benches overlooking a lake, built by one of Nathan's pack-mates and friends, with a dedication to Nathan etched on the benches. 
We miss you Smallfry.
For those not familiar with the geekhack community, and for more information on the Nathan J Walter foundation, please see: http://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=46908.0


Lead-time on this project will be between 4 and 6 weeks due to tooling and shipment times. We are currently only planning on ordering enough material for approximate 80 kits.


Current order count: 74 ?!?!

Kits remaining: NONE

I am completely shocked, awed and amazed by the response to this. I have let my supplier know that I will be bumping the material order, and will be keeping close track of the order rate over the next couple of days in case I need to bump it again. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!!!!


We really want to encourage people to build these themselves. to that end, and with an _extremely_ generous donation from geniekid, if you order any form of the learn to solder kit, either the cl1481 standard kit (without soldapullt or nippers), or the learn to solder special kit (with the soldapullt and snippers), and you purchase a smallfry kit, we will provide you with an _extra_ pcb, free of charge, courtesy of geniekid, in case you make a mistake while constructing your kit. This isn't just about having a cool keyboard, but learning about building your own electronics as well :)


We will be adding the bill of materials for additional parts needed to complete the kit, as well as instructions once we get the first titanium prototype in. The latest information on this kit can always be found in the geekhack thread at: http://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=59203.0


We have made contact with a Titanium anodizing shop which will allow us to offer COLORED PLATES FOR THIS BUY!




After you order, please fill out this form to express your color preferences.



This batch of kits is currently in production, so we are no longer allowing returns or exchanges on this product.


  • The base kit does not include notches in the top plate for switch disassembly
  • I am now offering an upgrade for notched top plates for switch removal and disassembly! (yes, I know I said I wouldn't be running another batch.. :P, but it looks like i will be able to. yay!)
  • Order your upgrade here: http://www.geekhackers.org/products/jd40-40-keyboard-titanium-switch-plates-with-notches-for-switch-disassembly
  • Please don't forget to enter your smallfry kit order number!!!
  • We have also decided to allow ONE extra PCB per kit order
  • Order your upgrade here: http://www.geekhackers.org/products/smallfry-kit-extra-pcb-upgrade
  • Please don't forget to enter your smallfry kit order number!!!
  • HUGE THANKS to geekhack member abjr: every kit will come with a costar-style plate-mount spacebar stabilizer. huzzah!
  • We have made Teensy v2.0 keyboard controllers available at retail price to help people save on shipping. Note that these are _required_ parts for the keyboard build. Exactly one Teensy is needed per keyboard kit.
  • Order your upgrade here: http://www.geekhackers.org/products/teensy-v2-0-upgrade-for-smallfry-kit
  • Please don't forget to enter your smallfry kit order number!!!